How to use

This is a mini guide step by step for use the StackComposed

Recommendation for data input

There are some recommendation for the data input for process, all input images need:

For the moment, the image formats support are: tif, img and ENVI (hdr)


StackComposed takes some command-line options:

stack-composed -stat STAT -bands BANDS [-p P] [-chunks CHUNKS] [-start DATE] [-end DATE] [-o OUTPUT] [-ot dtype] inputs

Chunks sizes

Choosing good values for chunks can strongly impact performance. StackComposed only required a ram memory enough only for the sizes and the number of chunks that are currently being processed in parallel, therefore the chunks sizes going together with the number of process. Here are some general guidelines. The strongest guide is memory:

Extra metadata

Some statistics or arguments required extra information for each image to process. The StackComposed acquires this extra metadata using parsing of the filename. Currently support two format:

For them extract: landsat version, sensor, path, row, date and julian day.