The PCA4CD is a Qgis plugin to build the change detection layer using the principal components method. Designed mainly with the goal of:

  1. generate or load the principal components (PCA)
  2. and build the change detection layer based on the dimensionality reduction properties.

See more about how to use the plugin here.


The plugin can be installed using the QGIS Plugin Manager, go into Qgis to Plugins menu and Manage and install plugins, in All section search for PCA4CD.

The plugin will be available in the Plugins menu and Plugins toolbar.

Qgis and Python version

This plugin only works in Qgis version >= 3.4, is very recommended use the latest available version of Qgis 3 with Python environment 3.7 due to the dependencies and some problems with Dask library.

Additional Python packages

PCA4CD requires additional Python packages to function, that are generally not part of QGIS’s Python. These are:

The way for have that:

  1. First way (recommended) the plugin install automatically it when is installing or updating, it will be installed into a separate folder specific to PCA4CD and will not influence any existing Python installation or Qgis environment:

    Windows: ~\AppData\Local\pca4cd\
    macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/pca4cd/
    Linux: ~/.local/share/pca4cd/

  2. Second, install it in your system python installation first before install the plugin, but depends of the operating system to work. For Ubuntu and derivatives distributions:

    sudo apt install python3-pyqtgraph python3-dask

Source code

The official version control system repository of the plugin: https://bitbucket.org/smbyc/qgisplugin-pca4cd

The home plugin in plugins.qgis.org: http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/PCA4CD/

Issue Tracker

Issues, ideas and enhancements: https://bitbucket.org/smbyc/qgisplugin-pca4cd/issues

Get involved

The PCA4CD plugin is open source and you can help in different ways:

About us

PCA4CD was developing, designed and implemented by the Group of Forest and Carbon Monitoring System (SMByC), operated by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) - Colombia.

Author and developer: Xavier Corredor Ll.
Support, tester and product verification: Gustavo Galindo

Acknowledge to all SMByC team.


Xavier Corredor Ll.: xcorredorl (a) ideam.gov.co
SMByC: smbyc (a) ideam.gov.co


PCA4CD is a free/libre software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.