The plugin can be installed using the QGIS Plugin Manager:

ESPA format version

The CloudMasking plugin support two ESPA version; the old and new version in different branch, by default the plugin in the Qgis repository is for the new ESPA version and install it as explained above.

For Old ESPA version

If you want masking for old ESPA version, this plugin continue developing in branch repository, then you need download from here and install it manually in Qgis. For install manually unpack in plugins qgis user directory:

  • windows: C:\Users\<user>\.qgis2\python\plugins\
  • linux/mac: /home/<user>/.qgis2/python/plugins/

Then restart Qgis and activate it in “Plugins” menu and “Manage and install plugins” in “Installed” items.


For upgrade the plugin to a new version: