Source code and documentations of some SMByC projects, like as: Qgis plugins, applications and scripts. All are Open Source and are developed, designed and implemented by the Group of Forest and Carbon Monitoring System (SMByC), operated by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) - Colombia.


AcATaMa is a Qgis plugin for Accuracy Assessment of Thematic Maps.

Cloud Masking

CloudMasking is a Qgis plugin for make the masking of clouds, cloud shadow, cirrus, aerosols, ice/snow and water for Landsat (4, 5, 7 and 8) products using different process and filters such as Fmask, Blue Band, Cloud QA, Aerosol and Pixel QA.


The PCA4CD is a Qgis plugin to build the change detection layer using the principal components method. Designed mainly with the goal of generating or load the principal components (PCA) and build the change detection layer based on the dimensionality reduction properties.


The StackComposed compute the stack composed of a specific statistic of band values for several time series of georeferenced data (such as Landsat images), even if these are in different scenes or tiles. The result is a output of statistic compute for all valid pixels values across the time axis (z-axis), in the wrapper extent for all input data in parallels process.


Some scripts for the SMByC project with different purpose used in some step in the monitoring deforestation and others process.