Source code and documentations of plugins and applications for some process in SMByC project.

Cloud Masking

CloudMasking is a Qgis plugin for make the masking of clouds, cloud shadow, cirrus, aerosols, ice/snow and water for Landsat (4, 5, 7 and 8) products using different process and filters such as Fmask, Blue Band, Cloud QA, Aerosol and Pixel QA.


The StackComposed compute the stack composed of a specific statistic of band values for several time series of georeferenced data (such as Landsat images), even if these are in different scenes or tiles. The result is a output of statistic compute for all valid pixels values across the time axis (z-axis), in the wrapper extent for all input data in parallels process.


AcATaMa is a Qgis plugin for Accuracy Assessment of Thematic Maps.


Some scripts for the SMByC project with different purpose used in some step in the monitoring deforestation and others process.